Work through flowing transitions, coupling grace with a challenge. These energetic classes will have you moving to a great soundtrack to build lean muscle. Feel the burn with effective low impact movement focusing on postural alignment and core activation. Fusing Pilates with Ballet conditioning exercises, each class is a fun and fiery workout that connects the mind, body
and movement.


Align and focus your practice to build strength and stability in everyday life. These classes will focus on breathing patterns to optimise movement in each exercise. Discover different styles from dance-based flowing movement to HIIT. Pilates is a fun and dynamic practice to help all forms of exercise. My classes will help you understand how to move consciously to prevent injury and improve mobility.


Prepare to break a sweat and have some fun in these energetic classes. I want to create a space where you can build cardiovascular endurance by having fun dancing and moving. Challenge coordination by learning dance routines! I love changing up the classes by breaking up cardio with conditioning exercises using weights or mat work. Get that Friday night feeling at home or in the studio!