I have had the pleasure of teaching in South East London where I am from. Working at venues such as Meridian Fitness Health & Spa in Deptford, The Lodge Space in Canada Water and Peckham LevelSIX. With new venues on the horizon, I am so excited to be expanding and grateful for my Pilates teacher for inspiring me to pursue Barre and Pilates. I have loved watching my students develop strength and discover an appreciation for movement beyond functional exercise. Currently studying nutrition I am keen to keep learning. Building and developing a kind and mindful practice is important to me. I hope to share it with as many of you as possible.

“Incredible pilates class. As someone who often gets anxious heading to the gym, Elisha created a super safe, comfortable environment for me to strengthen and realign my body while feeling supported throughout! The workout session flew by and I felt myself engaging muscles I normally miss, and finding inner strength I didn’t know I had! Highly highly recommended for all levels.”


“I fell in love with Elisha's classes from the first minute I joined! It was such an awesome workout full of amazing energy and great music. I felt like I didn't only work my entire body but also my mood just went up 100%. It's something I look forward to now as it's so much fun. It doesn't even feel like a workout (even though you sweat loads!).“


“Highly recommended Pilates classes!

Elisha has used her expertise to tailor and make each session for me. I have hypermobility and Elisha has really helped me to align and strengthen my body.”


“I really loved taking Elisha’s Pilates class this morning! Her positive energy and clear instructions completely transported me from my living room set up and helped to reconnect me with my body. Such good music too. Thanks so much Elisha. XXX”


“I have done a wide range of classes with Elisha and love them all... I keep coming back for more! After getting over an illness recently, the slower paced, gentle ones really helped me to gradually begin exercising again and Elisha ensured I was comfortable throughout. Great music in every class and a brilliant, enthusiastic attitude that gets you up and pushing yourself to where you feel comfortable. Feel so buzzing and energised afterwards, and always leave each class beaming from ear to ear.” 


Elisha, thank you so much for the class this morning! I loved it!!!! literally hadn’t tried dance/ weights/ conditioning before, and I really love it! I’ve been feeling a bit down mentally and was wondering what could I do to make myself happier and honestly, I haven’t felt so cheerful like after your class - thank you so much for lifting my mood up!


Amazing work out! Elisha is tailoring her classes to my personal needs, focusing on my poor back mobility and posture. Of course all parts of my body benefit a lot from the lesson, including my big tummy. I feel regenerated and more flexible after each session. I definitely feel much better. Every session is  fun and varied with different exercises each time so it's never boring and time flies!I am so grateful to Elisha for all of this.


I did one of Elisha’s Barre classes, as a novice, I felt gracefully guided through the whole hour, eased in from light sequences to a more progressively tough and thorough workout.Her energy and personality are just amazing and kept me going and made it flow by, even as I nearly struggled towards the end.Her excellent music choice just wraps everything in a complete package. I felt battled and refreshed at the end, in that very good kind of way. The stretches were also fantastic. I’m a basketball player and would full heartedly recommend her classes to any levels, as a standalone practice or a compliment to whatever else you might be doing.